Readerotica 3

Readerotica 3 – Getting Hotter

Following the success of their first two collections of erotica, the folks at are releasing Readerotica Volume 3. Readerotica 3 is a collection of ten erotic stories you can download and read discreetly on your Kindle or other electronic reader. Readerotica compilations provide you with a new, embarrassment-free, private way to read erotic stories. 

The Readerotica project is off to a successful start. Over 20,000 people have downloaded the first two volumes of Readerotica, indicating that people prefer to procure and read erotica in private environments. 

Just think about it: when you buy a dirty book, everything about that book looks dirty. The cover and the title let others know exactly what you’re reading. But when you download Readerotica books, the erotic stories are hidden safely within your e-reader. You can Readerotica in your bedroom, on the bus, or while you wait for your lunch—and no one will be the wiser. There will be no need to hide erotic books deep in a bedside drawer or in the back of the closet; you can access erotica right from your Kindle. 

Amazon Kindle Users can download Readerotica 3 Here

All others can download a copy in their favorite file format here:

Readerotica is sponsored by – Use coupon code “readerotica” to save 10% off your next order and to support this project.