Readerotica 4

Readerotica 4 – Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Couchsurfers – Chris Komodo

Chapter 2 – Forever There, Then Gone – Jstar G

Chapter 3 – How I Like My Coffee – Louise Blaydon

Chapter 4 – B&E; &B – Lynn Lake

Chapter 5 – Full Body – Dana Myles

Chapter 6 – Tying Up Loose Ends – C. Margery Kempe

Chapter 7 – Pottery Yarn – J.A. Reynolds

Chapter 8 – Adjoining Rooms –Dee Turner

Chapter 9 – Renovation – Abby Fowke

Chapter 10 – Attention – Stephanie Smith

Press Release: May 29, 2012

Shades of Grey may be a hot topic right now, but there are other erotic works that are doing well. The folks at are riding a wave of success with their erotic fiction series Readerotica. Each Readerotica book contains 10 well-chosen and well-edited erotic short stories. Their new release, Readerotica Volume 4 had over 100 submissions before the 10 best stories were chosen and thoroughly edited. 

Most readers download Readerotica books from Amazon, but the first three volumes in the series are also available elsewhere. Readerotica 4 will be available exclusively from Amazon for at least the first 30 days. The price for each edition is as low as possible, typically $0.99 but sometimes Amazon allows a single edition to be offered for free. Each volume features 10 erotic, sexy stories. 

Presently, Readerotica 3 is free of charge and was downloaded by over 2,000 readers in the last 7 days. Earlier this year Readerotica (Volume 1) spent a series of weeks near the top of the erotic fiction chart as well. This success indicates that people prefer to procure and read erotica privately. 

Just think about it: When you buy a dirty book, everything about that book looks dirty. The cover and the title let others know exactly what you’re reading. When you download Readerotica books, the erotic stories are hidden safely within your e-reader. You can read erotica in your bedroom, on the bus, or while you wait for your lunch—and no one will be the wiser. There will be no need to hide erotic books deep in a bedside drawer or in the back of the closet; it is wonderfully private. partnered with Readerotica because both services specialize in providing erotic products in the most private manner possible. 

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Tom Nardone, the creator of the Readerotica and the President of is available for questions, comments or conversations at 1-800-809-0610.